Eye Tracking

During your comprehensive eye examination at Bridgetown Optometric Associates, your optometric provider will assess how well the two eyes move together to view items that are moving. At times, there are inefficiencies with the muscles and a break down in their teaming process.

A person may be having troubles with eye tracking if they are noticing words move around the page while reading. They may also be more prone to losing place while reading.  Young individuals may show more eye tracking troubles, especially those in early elementary, because their eyes are still training to be more efficient readers. If you have concerns regarding your child’s reading abilities and hear them frequently repeating the same line of words on a page when reading aloud, please share those concerns with your Bridgetown Optometric Associates provider.

If tracking issues are found, your optometric provider will discuss those findings with you. It may require close monitoring or additional evaluation for vision therapy. Vision therapy can help train the two eyes to work better with one another and allow the individual to read text more efficiently and comprehend it more easily. 


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