No longer are the days where wearing glasses is a fashion no-no. There are many different eyeglasses options available to us in different colors and materials. Bridgetown Optometric Associates carry a wide selection of different eyeglass lines with varying prices to provide a breadth of options for all of our patients to consider. We have an option for every budget.

Our office works with Essilor and uses Crizal lenses to provide our patients with the best lenses with premium anti-reflective coatings and the best optical clarity in the industry.

Blue light affecting you on a day-to-day basis? Consider adding blue-light anti-reflective coatings to your next pair of glasses. The high intensity blue light can cause some individuals eye strain and fatigue with extended digital device use. There are two degrees of blue light blocking anti-reflective coating with varying amounts of blue light protection, depending on each individual’s needs.

Bridgetown Optometric Associates is taking steps to combat the fight against the spread of illnesses. We clean each frame that is touched. That way, you can feel at ease and focus on finding the best frame for you.


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